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Terrance J. Welch, President & CEO

Terrance J. Welch, President & CEO

Terrance J. Welch is a successful and professional salesperson with excellent interpersonal skills and organizational abilities. He has an in-depth understanding of the industry with over 25+ years of award-winning achievement in professional sales and management with Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurial start-up operations.

Terrance is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of our customized consulting programs to clients across North and South America, Europe, and Asia. He has been offering consulting services to governments and corporations alike in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Sales Management, Customer Relations, Negotiations and Team Building. He is highly skilled in identifying the needs specific to the sales process as well as the uniqueness of different organizations. The innovative, dynamic and high energy style of his programs produces
immediate impact and lasting results. Terrance consistently and expertly turns organizations into teams of record-setters.

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It’s the way we put it together…

                                                 that sets us apart.



Pre-Training Discovery

Through a Discovery Profile, we identify key components necessary to bring employees and management together to foster a new, innovative, and successful approach to conducting business. Through a variety of consulting services, we identify and analyze your entire sales environment so that we can customize our program modules to address your organization’s specific goals and objectives, ensuring that the most relevant training can occur. You receive comprehensive analysis with objective insight into your team’s strengths and opportunities.


Engaging On-Site Training

Our programs are fast paced, interactive, and focused on providing tools your people can implement right away. We have participants work in teams of two or more on topical problem-solving exercises where they can overcome previous difficulties and immediately practice and put into play their new skills. Strategies are presented in module format to promote a higher degree of focus. Your people will learn how to gain control of their own successes by demonstrating how to excel at every phase of the marketing/sales cycle or in any highly competitive venue.

Tailored Company Report

Welch & Pridmore Systems designs programs based on the unique needs and concerns of your organization so the most effective and relevant training can occur. As opposed to generic training programs, our guiding principal is customization and tailoring. Through a Discovery Profile, we identify key components necessary to bring employees and management together to foster a new, innovative, and successful approach to conducting your business.


Post Training Evaluation

We build a team environment within your organization that perpetuates growth long after our programs are completed. We can provide training results to the executive team, follow-up programs with participants and managers, program review, and future needs analysis.

“Pattison Agriculture is the largest John Deere dealer in Canada. I strongly endorse Terry Welch for your training needs. I have considerable experience working with a variety of training providers over the years and very few elicit as many positive comments from participants as I get regarding Terry. Your employees will thank you.”

Steve Variyan, Senior Manager of Human Resources, Pattison Agriculture

“I believe the success of the workshop was due to Mr. Welch’s obvious engagement with his material and also his incredible hard work. He made the participants know that this training experience was just for them.”

Patricia Pierce, Dean, Yale University, School of Management

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Terry Welch’s comprehensive Signature Selling Program. Both seasoned veterans and staff that are new to sales can benefit from these programs. As a trainer, Terry is engaging, focused and high energy.”

Brian Findlater, VP and Chief Operating Officer, Hertz – Surgenor National Leasing


“Terry’s knowledge and experience allows him the flexibility to adjust instruction to the audience. He earns the respect of the audience by offering practical solutions from immediate application.”

H. Dean Herman, Manager of Sales Training, Freightliner



“Terry hit a home run… moving our sales group to the next level of sophisticated salesmanship. The program provided immediate results and we are confident that we have made an important investment in the future of our sales organization.”

Sean Senos, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Integrated Production Services Inc.


“Your Exceptional Customer Care Program gave solid customer service processes and techniques that were immediately put to the test! We would like to offer our sincere gratitude and look forward to future opportunities with Welch & Pridmore.”

Richard Signoretti, General Manager, Royal Ottawa Golf Club



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