Our programs are fast paced, interactive, and focused on providing tools your people can implement right away. We have participants work in teams of two or more on topical problem-solving exercises where they can overcome previous difficulties and immediately practice and put into play their new skills. Strategies are presented in module format to promote a higher degree of focus. Your people will learn how to gain control of their own successes by demonstrating how to excel at every phase of the marketing/sales cycle.


  • Programs delivered by associates/facilitators that are the top 4% elite in their industry
  • Customization to different industry-specific areas
  • Focused on “How-To” and results-oriented
  • Interactive team workshops, best practices and contests
  • Management participation

New Business Development


New business development is the lifeblood of any successful sales organization. This dynamic, ‘hands-on’, very practical and street-level program has had incredible impact in both large and small organizations. It provides the who, what, where, when, why, and how skills to affect positive and sustainable growth in your business.


  • Ability to leverage your relationship with current accounts into new accounts
  • Identify the key times to prospect and get wider and deeper with current accounts
  • Program workshops that produce immediate results and new incremental business

“From the New Business Development Skills Training course, our sales people established relationships with many new clients that resulted in immediate and repeat business for Schlumberger… we have been able to permanently enhance the effectiveness of our sales team.”

Fred Meyer

Sales and Management Skills


After attending one of the Welch & Pridmore Systems Ltd. training sessions, your team will have new skills, approaches, and techniques that will help them actively market themselves, your organization and your products and services. More importantly, you can have confidence that you will see the following…


  • Work harder and smarter to improve sales productivity
  • Effect positive results while addressing specific concerns in the area of sales and customer service
  • Develop an awareness of potential and future client needs
  • Know how to convey competence and a positive attitude to clients at all times
  • Know and practice the basic principles of exceptional customer service
  • Understand quality communications with customers through the use of concepts such as “Talking The Customer’s Language” and applying “Social Style Knowledge”
  • Building lasting relationships with prospects, clients, and colleagues


“Participants were driven to become better at arming themselves with a new systematic approach to increasing their selling potential. They all left the program highly motivated with a positive attitude. Without a doubt, we have seen the results of your programs in many new sales successes.”

Peter Levoy

Team Building


Team Building is now recognized as a crucial tool within organizations as well as a remarkable ‘skill’ for coping with change. By seeking the diversity of views, experiences, and knowledge within a group, team building is a powerful way to take the pulse of your organization and its environment, get a good understanding of important challenges and develop innovative solutions. In today’s market, we are all confronted with the need for partnership and collaboration in resolving common issues. This program is your organization’s first step to building a more effective and productive team.


  • Improved communications and cooperation between employees
  • Increased dialogue and improved problem solving skills
  • Building a stronger commitment to better service
  • Generating better understanding, buy-in and commitment between employees
  • Supporting a culture change, reengineering or complete reorganization
  • Rewarding strong team members and celebrating high achievements


“The advance preparation was thorough, the presentation was highly effective and the positive impact on our organization was remarkable. The staff were talking about the sessions for weeks after and we are using the outcomes of the two days to drive ongoing team building exercises in Hansard. At the end of the two days, the positive effects were sufficient enough to move an employee to say she was reconsidering her pending retirement.”

Richard Copeland


Professional Sales/Sales Management

Strategic Selling – The Selling of Large/Complex Accounts

Negotiating for Business Results

Top Gun Closing

New Business Development

Coaching & Leadership Skills

Team Building

Presentation & Platform Skills

Management and Leadership Development

Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Relationship Selling

Goal Setting and the Importance of Attitude

Time & Activity Management


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